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Pousse Rapière prepares its 60th anniversary

and unveils its “extreme makeover”

Château de Monluc takes advantage of the upcoming anniversary of its iconic Pousse Rapière liqueur and arrives with a new “hyper trendy” bottle!

Created in 1963, the famous Pousse Rapière liqueur is produced by Château de Monluc, in Saint-Puy, in the Gers department. An essential regional aperitif for all events and on all counters and tables in the South-West, it remains “the Gascon Spritz aperitif”, combined with its “Vin Sauvage”, brut traditional method for almost 60 years!

An unchanged recipe

Pousse Rapière, whose recipe has been kept secret for 60 years, is an Armagnac-based liqueur, 100% associated with extractions of bitter orange macerations and other natural plant substances (the famous secret that makes the difference).

A new personalized black glass bottle

Conceived, designed and developed internally by Bastien Darroussat and Vincent Barthe from the marketing communication department of the Club des Marques, the new case of the Pousse Rapière was produced by the Saverglass company.

The choice fell on a black glass presentation with reliefs indicating the Monluc brand and its roots in the village of Saint-Puy.

Designed to have a good grip, the choice was made to keep a decorated screw cap.

Two sizes of Pousse Rapière bottles available

The new presentation is offered in two bottle formats: 70 cl. and 35 cl., in order to meet all modes of consumption.

A 36% edition for the world of bartenders

The preparation for this 60th anniversary allowed the Club des Marques teams to consult the family archives, in which the very first recipe, then dosed at 36%, was revealed.

A reissue of the 36% Pousse Rapière has imposed itself, by its power both in degree and in aroma and with a lower sugar level for the world of mixology. It brings a novelty in many cocktails with a refined natural bitterness.

Pousse Rapière 36% remains just as easy to combine in a long drink and especially with cranberry juice or other classic sodas.

According to the writings, its degree will only be lowered to 24% later in order to perfect the final degree of the aperitif combined with the “Vin Sauvage”.

A new style for the Vin Sauvage

The Vin Sauvage, traditional method, is usually associated with the Pousse Rapière liqueur to give the cocktail of the same name.

Also developed internally by Bastien Darroussat and Vincent Barthe, the Vin Sauvage has been reinvented in a tinted bottle, with a matte black cap and a label harmoniously coordinated with that of the liqueur.

Pousse Rapière and Vin Sauvage have the same origin: the dry white wine of the Gascon hills. This is the welcome cocktail in the Gers tradition. So, dear epicureans & professionals: it’s time for the Pousse!

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