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Inside Beer Competition


In partnership with Inside Magazine, Allwines launched the Challenge of the best French beers in France. With a wealth of savoir-faire in organizing international challenges, Allwines has been organizing for the last 10 years the Challenge of the Best French Wines, Spirits and Beers in Asia, the USA and Germany. On the request of the professionals of the sector Allwines decided to organize the first National Competitioon of the Best French Beers.

This contest invited a jury exclusively composed of professionals from the beer and wine world. We could count on the presence of Cyril Hubert, recognized beer sommelier, as well as Franck Métivier, both candidates of the Beer Sommelier World Championship in 2017, journalists (SommelierS International, Moumousse), the wine and beer shops L’Amirale Bière and V&B, as well as sommeliers and distributors.

Inside Beer Competition, the National Competition of the Best French Beers, is the only beer competition organized with a jury composed by 100% of professionals renowned worldwide for their skills and knowledge of the French beers.

The control of the storing temperature, the optimum conditions of the tasting room enable to protect the the quality of the beers tasted. The tastings are done blind which guarantees impartial results. The samples have been tasted by groups according to the different families, styles and sub-styles set by the BJCP guide (international certification of the beer judges). The tasting sheets are precise and concrete: couleur, mousse, body, aromas, bubbles, intensity, harmony and flavours. These criteria combined with rigourous tasting conditions guarantee the quality of the selection for those who have been rewarded Platine, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  

33% of the samples have won a medal: 2 Platine medals (for a mark over 18/20), 7 Gold medals (a mark between 17 and 18), 11 Silver medals (a mark between 15 and 16.9) and 14 Bronze medals (marks between 14 and 14.9/20). Congratulations to the 103 participants; 29 of them got a mark under 10/20, 40 a mark between 10 and 13.9, and 34 got a medal.


The laureats 2017


Nonne Triple, Brasseurs Savoyards - Belgian Strong Ale Triple, Blonde
Triple, Brasserie Burdigala - Belgian Strong Ale Triple, Blanche


Imperial Stout, Brasserie des Cimes - Russian Imperial Stout, Brune
Triple, Brasserie Cath' - Belgian Strong Ale Triple, Blonde
Lutina Arrabbiata, Brasserie Lutina - Bière de garde, Ambrée
Fosse Blonde, Brasserie des Fontaines - Pale Ale, Blonde
Terenez Brune, Brasserie du Bout du Monde - Stout, Brune
Brune Bio, Brasserie La Canya - Stout, Brune
Belharra, Brasserie des Pyrénées - IPA, Blonde


La Rousse, Brasserie du Mont-Blanc - Amber Ale, Rousse
Terenez Triple, Brasserie du Bout du Monde - Belgian Strong Ale Triple, Ambrée
Méteor Bière de Printemps, Brasserie Meteor - Lager Helles Maibock, Blonde
La Goulue, Brasserie des Fontaines - Belgian Pale Ale, dorée
Cime, Brasserie des Cimes - Lager blonde Internationale, Blonde
Hapchot, Brasserie des Pyrénées - English Brown Ale, Ambrée
Blanche bio, Brasserie La Canya - Biere de Blé Weissbier, Blanche
Porter, Brasserie Chrisdom - Porter, Noire
Aiguille Blanche, Brasserie des Cimes - Biere de blé Witbier, Blanche
Meteor Fusion, Brasserie Meteor - Saison Ale, Blonde
Fille du Soleil, Brasserie Au Nouveau Monde - Biere de Blé Witbier, Blanche


Ré La Blonde, Bières de Ré - Belgian Pale Ale, Blonde
Sol Invictus II, Brasserie des 3 croquants - Graves Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - (Wood-Aged Beer), Brune
Triple, Brasserie La Manivelle - Belgian Strong Ale Triple, Blonde
BS Brune, Brasseurs Savoyards - Dark Lager, Brune
F, Brasserie La Manivelle - Bière Expérimentale, Blonde
BS Ambrée, Brasseurs Savoyards - Amber Ale, Ambrée
Russian Imperial Stout, Etxeko Bob's Beer - Russian Imperial Stout, Noire
Smoke, Brasserie La Manivelle - Scottish Ale, Blonde
Brassin d’Hiver, Brasserie du Mont-Blanc - Winter Seasonal Beer, Rousse
Ambrée au Miel, Brasserie Burdigala - Biere aromatisée au miel, Ambrée
Mac Alsace, Brasserie Radwulf - Scotish Ale, Rousse
Wendelinus Blonde, Brasserie Meteor - Belgian Strong Ale Blond Ale, Blonde
Blanche aux Fleurs de Sureau, Brasserie Burdigala - Aromatisée aux Fleurs de Sureau, Blanche
Blonde d'Aquitaine, Brasserie des 3 croquants - Cream Ale, Blonde


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