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News of the spirits world

2023: Pousse Rapière celebrates its 60th anniversary!

The famous Pousse Rapière cocktail was created in 1963 by René Lassus, at the Château de Monluc in Saint-Puy, and over time has established itself as the welcome cocktail of the Gers. Although the exact recipe is kept secret, the result of mixing Pousse Rapière liqueur (armagnac liqueur flavored with bitter orange) and Vin Sauvage (sparkling wine of traditional method), it has remained unchanged for 60 years. However, for its anniversary, the bottle is adorned with a black glass, all in elegance. Imagined and designed in-house, its new adornment was developed by the company Saverglass... Read more

News of the spirits world

Eric Gottelmann News of the spirits world

Sakes perceived by sommeliers

Sakes become essential on the European market. The sommeliers recognize the interest of its taste. The Kura Master competition was created in 2017 at the initiative of Kei Miyagawa and Xavier...

News of the spirits world

Glooters: France's first ever edible cocktails!

Laurent Sicard and Joffrey Tristan, two young entrepreneurs from Toulouse, have created the brand Glooters, cocktail capsules congealed with agar agar, a naturally gelling algae. Inspired by the...

News of the spirits world

Sweet and salt pairings at Salon du Saké

The fair has provided another perception of this alcohol. Moving out of the standards and uniformity, the atypical sakes have been spotlighted. Co-organizer Sylvain Huet refined his selections...

L’Atelier du Saké News of the spirits world

Everything to discover sake

The projects to promote sake are increasing. To discover or further your knowledge, trade fairs, education, books are available now. You have no excuses!   The Salon of Sake Sylvain Huet fights...

News of the spirits world

Quand le prestige se dessine en cocktails

  Liqueur - G.E. Massenez Garden Party Plus de 100 ans après la création de la première eau-de-vie de framboise sauvage, la Distillerie Massenez n’en finit pas d’innover. « Il n’y a pas d’...

News of the spirits world

Excellence made Gin!

    Purple Gin By the Distilleries Peureux Purple Gin® brings two worlds together: tradition and mild madness. A hint of folly brought by the small wild cherries macerated in liqueur, the...