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new cellar, new era

The opening of the new Château Fleur de Lisse cellar, owned by the Teycheney family, was held under the presence of Edouard Philippe, former Prime Minister and Alain Rousset, President of the Regional Council of New Aquitaine. This event brought together more than 300 people to celebrate the Winery's official opening, a key element of the project developed by the family since 2015 in Saint-Emilion.

The Winery's challenge was to harmoniously integrate Château Fleur de Lisse's 115-metre long building into the Saint-Emilion landscape, but also to bring together in a single place the entire production chain: the grape harvest hall, the vat room, the ageing cellar, as well as the bottle storage, packaging and the tasting rooms open to the public.

Château Fleur de Lisse

The vat room is a world first created by the Italian designer Defranceschi, using the latest technology available and ecologically responsible materials. It combines technicality, traceability, ergonomics, aesthetics, safety, hygiene and sustainable development.

Compartmentalized vats were created to produce blends from different plots and grape varieties. The tanks are clad in iridescent stainless steel, which works to break down the light, and their satin finish underlines their bronze-coloured material effect, which recalls the Saint-Emilion terroir. 

The creation of a walkway links the different tanks together, making the tank a constituent part of the walkway.

This Defranceschi patent is innovative in terms of traffic ergonomics.

Finally, the historic concrete vats have been harmonised with the modern winery, thanks to stainless steel railings that blend in perfectly with the walkway. 

Visitors are immersed in the world of wine as they explore this complex, under a natural chestnut wood framework shaped like an inverted ship's hull.


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