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Spirits and other nectars

©Nicolas Fagot Studio9 Spirits and other nectars


The Domaine Reine Margot Paris Issy - MGallery, a new gem at the gates of Paris in a classified location, unveils a treasure at the heart of its estate. In a deconsecrated chapel, Monastic, a rum...

Victor Dubillot, Xavier Lacombe, Valeria Tenison, Mattia Antonio Cianca, Christopher Lafay, Aris Allouche. Spirits and other nectars

Sake, shochu and umeshu tastings

At the end of July, SommelierS International had the pleasure of allowing professional sommeliers to taste some fifteen sakes, shochu and umeshu that had won awards at the Kura Master competition...

Spirits and other nectars

Discovering the alcoholic delights of South Korea and journeying through its traditional spirits

While various grains may contribute to their compositions, the majority of traditional Korean alcohols are produced through the fermentation of rice. It's the convergence of pure mountain water and...

Rody Battajon Spirits and other nectars

From Martinique to Vietnam, Belami Rum is an ode to craftsmanship

It all starts with sugar cane. Without it, rum wouldn’t exist. While most people associate rum primarily with the Caribbean, and younger generations might think of the whimsical adventures of...

Brasserie Fujii. / ©Goulven Le Pollès Spirits and other nectars

Hiroshima, the ancestral cradle of modern sake

With its extremely pure fresh water, fertile soil, and temperate climate, Hiroshima produces some of the most coveted sakes in the world. However, faced with declining local consumption, brewers are...

Spirits and other nectars


There was a crowd in Mézin, a town in Albret, not far from Nérac, for La Flamme de l’Armagnac. An event desired by the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac which corresponds to the...