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Legacy Records

the new project of the Best Sommelier of the World Arvid Rosengren

On March 6, Delicious Hospitality Group, the team behind NYC’s Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones (Robert Bohr, Grant Reynolds and Chef Ryan Hardy), opened their third venture, Legacy Records.

Spanning two floors of what was formerly Legacy Recording Studios, the space is home to an 85-seat restaurant, a walk-up indoor/outdoor café, two private dining rooms, equipped with their own experiential open kitchen, and a cocktail and wine bar. Arvid Rosengren, the reigning ‘Best Sommelier of the World,’ and former Wine Director at Charlie Bird, leads the hospitality team, which also includes master mixologist Jeff Bell from PDT (Please Don’t Tell) responsible for the innovative cocktail experience at Legacy Records.

Guests can expect what they love from Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones to translate into this new space: delicious and honest food, excellent wine, strong design and exceptional hospitality. Chef Ryan Hardy’s culinary program focuses on dishes that draw inspiration from all over the world, including grilled, roasted and whole fish, fresh crudos, pasta, and more.

A direct result of the collaboration between Robert Bohr, Grant Reynolds and Arvid Rosengren, the wine program will feature 300-350 selections, focused primarily on France and Italy. After attracting the greatest talent in wine, Delicious Hospitality Group added some of the greatest talent from the cocktail world to its team. The cocktail experience developed by Jeff Bell will offer an innovative take on cocktails complementing dinner, replacing the idea that cocktails can only bookend a dining experience.

The menu will include progressive options and easy-to-drink cocktails that can accompany Chef Hardy’s food, along with aperitif-style drinks and post-dinner libations.
A walk-up café will complement the downstairs space in Legacy Records, catering to diners looking for their caffeine fix or something quick to grab and go, from coffee and espresso to light breakfast and lunch daily. At night, the café space will convert into an area where guests can enjoy wine, cocktails and light bites.