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knight of renewal

If the stones of Bargemone could speak,
we would be amazed by what they would have to tell us.

A tale that dates back to the 13th century when the estate stood as a Templar commandery where knights were already cultivating vines... organically! Then the Provençal nobility made it their residence, following in the footsteps of Thomassin Bargemon, who gave it his name. The vineyard, however, took its current form in 1963 when Jean-Pierre Rozan decided to replant the vines after the phylloxera crisis. But it wasn't until 2019 that the word 'renewal' truly came to life, thanks to Pierre Enaudi, accompanied by his parents and a team of enthusiasts. Their creed: to offer great wines from Provence, in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.
Here, the 120 hectares of vineyards are surrounded by preserved flora that shelters diverse fauna (including the installation of 25 beehives on the estate). An attachment to life that is complemented by soil conservation and regeneration, and the certification of the estate in Organic Agriculture and High Environmental Value 3. For soil enrichment, the surplus grape marc is used as compost, and pruning wood is shredded and returned to the vineyard.

At Bargemone, there is a variety of grape varieties, providing a wide range of possibilities for blending. For reds: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Noir, Caladoc, Counoise. For whites: Rolle, Sauvignon Blanc, Clairette, and Viognier. Not far from Montagne Sainte-Victoire, the combination of the Mistral and the sun produces grapes with a rich aromatic palette. 85% rosés, 10% whites, and 5% reds are crafted into three ranges: the Classic, the Collection cuvée presented in a spirits bottle, and Les Secrets. In each, the terroir is highlighted; the Bascule cuvée, a 100% Syrah natural red wine with the Vin Méthode Nature label, being the perfect reflection, with its lightness and very pleasant fruity character.

A touch of modernity is also evident in the cellar with the installation of a new, highly efficient vat room, complementing the old barrel cellar, and the 800 m2 of south-facing photovoltaic panels covering the roofs of the cellars and storage building. This energy transition is also reflected in the agricultural shed, now equipped with charging points for electric machines and tractors.

For its new chivalrous image, Bargemone has also undergone a transformation with a new coat of arms featuring a cross, a nod to its Templar past, adorned with 4 B in the shape of a flower, recalling the estate's commitment to the plant world. The orange motifs, on the other hand, echo the color of the new walls of the cellar. A true ode to the vine and nature.

A commitment that the Einaudi family wishes to perpetuate among its consumers, around three key values: excellence, sharing, and ecology.

Sandy Bénard-Ravoisier / Photos: Bargemone