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New wines and champagne products for 2024

Since 2021, Maison Lehmann, a French brand of tasting glasses based in Reims, has been investing in research and development to offer wine enthusiasts glassware that subtly combines glassmaking expertise with oenological knowledge.

© Mika Boudot

Ultralight: the combination of finesse and lightness

Within the Maison’s Signature collections, created in partnership with personalities from the wine and gastronomy world, two production techniques stand out: mouth-blown glass and machine-blown glass. To go further, in 2021, Maison Lehmann developed the Ultralight technology, allowing the creation of mouth-blown and machine-blown glasses that are 30 to 40% thinner and lighter. After two additional years of R&D on the Ultralight process, the Maison is now the first glass brand to offer machine-made glasses with precise and regular pits. This specificity was previously only possible with mouth-blown techniques. From this innovation, Ultralight machine-blown glasses with a “V shape” were created: for champagne lovers, glass no. 4 # in 40cl from the Signature A. Lallement collection and the Grand Champagne glass # in 40cl from the Signature P. Jamesse collection. For universal glasses, the Hommage 40 joins the Signature G. Basset collection.


Other new products to discover

This year, the Maison is also presen­ting its new Signature F. Thireau collection, dedicated to mixology, the creation of the France carafe in honor of the 2024 Olympic Games, the renewal of its Excellence range, and the creation of the 46 cl machine-blown Absolus Black glass for blind tastings. All new products are available on the e-commerce site:

The Maison’s store is open to the public without an appointment from 9 AM to 12 PM and from 2 PM to 7 PM, Monday to Thursday, and until 6 PM on Friday.