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Excellence made Gin!




Purple Gin

By the Distilleries Peureux

Purple Gin® brings two worlds together: tradition and mild madness. A hint of folly brought by the small wild cherries macerated in liqueur, the Griottines®. They provide both the purplish colour and a tangy note, which gives an unequalled relief to this gin obtained by maceration and distillation. Its glam rock style gives only an overview of the emotions felt when tasting: a duality between intensity and softness. Like an acid drop, Purple Gin has various layers: floral aromas, then spices and herbs come up in the first stage of the tasting. Then the palate is caught by the warmth of the fruits. The Griottines® provide notes of mild almond, slightly tangy, with a surprising character. Gin made exceptional thanks to the 150-year-old savoir-faire of Grandes Distilleries Peureux.

40% vol. / format : 50 cl






Br Essential

The Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon is a London Dry Gin made in France, distilled five times in the small Terres Rouges distillery in Corrèze. Awarded two gold medals when released five years ago at the international spirit competition of London and Chicago, this gin is crafted with 14 ingredients distilled separately using a Charente-style bain marie still.










MAHON is the iconic product of Minorca, made with high quality brandy, Mediterranean mountain juniper berries and a range of herbs kept secret. For nearly a century the Gin Xoriguer distilleries have been distilling it in traditional copper stills and storing it in large oak barrels, in which the gin keeps its colour, scents and taste until it is bottled in the flask become symbol of the island. With delicate and spell-binding notes of wild berries, this gin is soft and smooth on the palate with a very aromatic finish.







The crafting process of this gin makes it unique. The grain alcohol is first distilled with juniper berries and coriander from Spain as well as cardamom from Guatemala. Then three different macerations are done with Spanish citrus (sweet and bitter oranges and lemon). Afterwards they are left to rest a whole year, then blended and distilled again. At last the juniper-coriander-cardamom distillate is blended with the citrus distillate to make this sophisticated gin. Double Gold medal in San Francisco, Best Gin of the Year 2015.







The first vintage gin!

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Shetland, the founders of the brand Blackwoods patiently wait every year the best moment to pick the botanicals. Then a genuine adventure starts. They sometimes have to reach the furthest plateaus to find the varieties they need to craft their gin. Once there, nothing says they will find enough herbs to produce as much as they want. With each vintage the botanicals used change slightly due to the quality and quantity available. Once picked the botanicals are steeped in natural mineral water to free all their flavours. The liquid is then distilled in a traditional copper still. The result is a breathtaking gin, just as its terroir. Elegantly presented the Blackwoods gin stands out by its authenticity and its freshness.