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Liebherr wine cellars

optimal preservation

© Liebherr

II Recognized as a specialist in wine cellars, the German manufacturer Liebherr offers appliances with precise features that meet the essential requirements for optimal storage: fresh air, humidity, lack of vibrations, protection against light, and odors.

After renewing its range of built-in and freestanding refrigeration over the past two years, Liebherr is now redesigning its range of wine cellars, consisting of 14 models called “single-temperature”. This range recreates the natural climate of an underground cellar to accompany wines to their peak serenely: 6 GrandCru models and 5 GrandCru Selection models for enthusiasts, and 3 Perfection models designed to meet the intensive needs of professionals.

The fundamentals that have made Liebherr renowned for wine preservation are reinforced to offer a complete and updated storage solution:

  • Maintaining the temperature to the degree controls the matu­ration of wines.
  • Humidity above 50% preserves the protective role of the cork.
  • Continuous supply of fresh air, protected for a healthy storage climate.
  • Lack of vibrations contributes to the biochemical evolution of wines.
  • A reinforced screen against sunlight protects the aromas.
  • Energy class E (solid door) and F (glass door), to exceed sufficient ageing criteria.
  • Integration of connectivity for interaction between the cellar and the user on useful and secure functions, with the sending of notifications.

The new EasyFill system keeps the door of the appliance open at an angle greater than 90°, facilitating loading and storage without the risk of abrupt closure. The SoftClosing system allows a delicate and automatic closure of the door, thus preserving the rest of the wines when the opening angle falls below 90°.

Liebherr wine cellars simplify the organization of an expanding wine collection, with untreated and rot-resistant beechwood shelves. The layout is entirely flexible, with height adjustment of the shelves every 3 cm. To optimize storage capacity, bottles can also be stored neck to neck on the shelves.

© Liebherr

Mixed 2 zones wine cellar EWTDF3553

The built-in wine cellar EWTDF3553 is the flagship of the range, with two independent temperature zones and its 9 wooden shelves (+1 inclined), offering ample space to store 80 Bordeaux-type bottles in a 178 cm niche. This model takes into account different uses, allowing slow maturation of grape varieties while providing a temperature adjustment space for serving bottles. Regular consumers will always have bottles ready to taste, while collectors can age their vintage wines.

This cellar is designed to limit the effects of vibrations in a daily living space. With a compressor mounted on a silent block, a motorized door opening, adjustable feet, a robust body for good inertia, siliconized screws, and alarms, the wine's evolution continues serenely. Its sound level (32 dBA), the lowest in its category on the market, is essential for a cellar installed in the heart of the living space. The SoftSystem damper offers a damped, safe, and silent closure. The active charcoal filter ensures a protected outward opening, purifying the incoming air constantly for safe and renewed preservation. Finally, its design adapts to the living space environment with different aesthetics: a wooden casing, a frame with a solid stainless steel door, or a door with smoked tinted anti-UV glass, which highlights the bottle collection thanks to LED lighting dedicated to each zone.

Text and photos : Liebherr