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Château Dalem

The interpreter

Interpreter: it was her job before taking over the reins of Dalem from her father. A skill that she continues to practice. Indeed, since she runs the property in Fronsac, Brigitte Rullier Loussert has never stopped trying to translate the expression of her terroir in a glass. Fond of its textures, virile delicacies, delicious oxymorons.

Paolo Basso et Brigitte Rullier Loussert

Driven by insatisfaction, passion, pleasure, envy, are the words that characterize Brigitte Rullier Loussert’s energy in making a wine that keeps the conversation going. Her father handed over the estate in 2002 suddenly, and she quickly familiarized with the estate by replanting the vineyard in her own way. She needed a wine freed from manly emphasis, “with fruity elegance, finer tannins. I restructured and expanded the vineyard to balance the grape varieties. Today, the estate is made up of 80% Merlot, the rest in Cabernet Franc and a few acres of Malbec. Every year, I invest. Making a grand wine is a goldsmith's work, each step brings an extra degree of precision. I recently acquired a new sorting system based on the density of the ripe grapes. And we are renovating the winery”.

The 39-hectare vineyard is spread over two styles of terroir shared between Château Dalem (16 ha), the flagship label, positioned at about 30 euros, and Château de la Huste at about 15 euros. On the marketing side, the same energy animates Brigitte Rullier Loussert. The fame is still not in the terroir’s DNA even if, according to historians, the appellation is the “historical cradle of the great Bordeaux of Libourne”.

On the terrace of her cellar overlooking the Isle river and its nonchalant meanders, Brigitte Rullier Loussert says: “Year after year I build up the brand, offering at each vintage a constant quality that is increasing. And for the export, I took my pilgrim's rod to promote my wines”. Adhering to the Cercle Rive Droite trade union, Brigitte Rullier Loussert has traveled the world to promote her wines. Dalem is now in Europe, the United States, Africa, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong. Now only France remains to conquer but Brigitte is optimistic. Many times favorite of the Hachette wine guide, Château Dalem is now one of the nuggets of the appellation. Seduced by the 2016, Best Sommelier of the World Paolo Basso, visiting the estate, does not hesitate to point out its “precision of the maturity of the fruit, tasty, and a nice acid balance”. A successful interpretation ...

Bénédicte Chapard