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Gin Orion de la distillerie Pégasus. Encounters

Distillerie Pégasus 

  1/ Introduce us to the Pegasus distillery.  I have spent most of my life since I was 18 in England where I discovered the world of fine spirits, cocktails and mixology. I came back to France in...


Maison Benjamin Kuentz

Share your philosophy with us. “What if the French had invented whiskey? Which direction would we have taken?” That is my philosophy. That of creating whiskeys that reflect our terroir and our know...

Florence Castarède Encounters

Maison Castarède, a family adventure!

Florence, you are the sixth generation of Castarède, the specialist of excellence. Please tell us its DNA. Castarède is the oldest Armagnac trade house, founded in 1832, still independent....


Château de Laubade

Interview of Denis Lesgourgues, co-owner with his brother Arnaud, and representing the 3rd generation. Please tell us the story of Château de Laubade. With 105 hectares...


Paul Bourion, from racing driver to creator of flavours

Can you explain us the DNA of your brand? I have always been a sportsman, an alpine skier and a racing driver, with all the constraints bound to a strict lifestyle to manage my weight...


Cognac d’Aincourt, the encounter with elegance!

Interview of Vincent Norguet, manager of Cognacs d'Aincourt   D'AINCOURT is a new brand of Super Premium Cognac. Can you tell us how it was created? D’AINCOURT is a six hand part of a Hors...