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Paul Bourion, from racing driver to creator of flavours


Can you explain us the DNA of your brand?
I have always been a sportsman, an alpine skier and a racing driver, with all the constraints bound to a strict lifestyle to manage my weight continuously. As an Epicurean, I can say that I was a frustrated greedy man during years. The central theme of the brand is to work classic terroir products to provide them modernity, without altering them.

A favourite product?
Miranille Classique. It is the link between my previous sportsman's life and my hidden gourmet side. It is an accomplished drink with a typical terroir side made with Mirabelle eau-de-vie softened with the massive use of Bourbon vanilla - 10 pods for a bottle of 70 cl. A liqueur you can use in cocktails and cooking.

How would you define Miranille?
It is an innovative liqueur, thought for men and women. Miranille does not impose itself on your palate, but suggests to adapt to your taste, just by playing with the tasting temperature. From powerful, dry and mirabelle plum to soft, sweet and vanilla...
Miranille has been a finalist of the Innovation Challenge of the Chamber of Commerce of the Visges in 2013 and SIAL Innovation Sélection in Shanghai in 2014.

Are there several versions in this range?
Different versions are born from my encounters with famous Chefs and barmen.
For example, Michel Roth, thought Miranille was too sweet to be used in a recipe of marinated scampi. I thus worked on two different axes: Miranille Xtrem and Miranille Chaos are thus born.Miranito, a concept that seduces. For what type of consumers?
Miranito also is an encounter. Etienne Descoings, world-famous barman was seduced by Miranille and especially used it in the mojito at the bar of the Cannes Film Festival.
We reproduced his recipe under the initial form of a gaseous liqueur and managed to take up the challenge to find the tastes of a cocktail in the product. All the flavours explode on the palate one after the other, alternating sucrosity, acidity of the lemon and the bitterness of the mirabelle plum stone.
Our clientele is broad, young and less young, trendy and Epicurean as evidenced the reward of the consumer's prize at INOVAL 2014 and our selection in the SIAL innovation Paris 2014.

What is your strategy of development?
Our development strategy is focused on export where we are looking for distributors or importers. We have just made approve our products in China and Japan. The same initiatives are undertaken for the United States of America. In France, we favour the distribution via independant or network cellar shops and delicatessen, and we try be known by the restaurants. Miranito offers them a qualitative alternative to a cocktail and Miranille, a host of possibilities, liqueur, cocktails and recipes ...

Projects for 2015 ?
Two other drinks are being created, out of which an alcohol-free one. And maybe car races again ...


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