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Spirits and other nectars

Quand le prestige se dessine en cocktails

  Liqueur - G.E. Massenez Garden Party Plus de 100 ans après la création de la première eau-de-vie de framboise sauvage, la Distillerie Massenez n’en finit pas d’innover. « Il n’y a pas d’...

Spirits and other nectars

Excellence made Gin!

    Purple Gin By the Distilleries Peureux Purple Gin® brings two worlds together: tradition and mild madness. A hint of folly brought by the small wild cherries macerated in liqueur, the...

Spirits and other nectars

The most expensive bottle of rum in the world is French!

The encounter of the houses CLEMENT and TOURNAIRE resulted in a partnership enabling to combine the exceptional savoir-faire of two French brands of excellence. This collaboration led to the creation...

Spirits and other nectars

The spirit fairs in France

The alcoholic beverages universe has never attracted as many hedonists and epicureans. In research of new experiences, these demanding amateurs and connoisseurs find in these targetted fairs an...

Spirits and other nectars

The Saint James Plantations celebrate 250 years of a remarkable history

Since 1765, Saint James has taken the utmost care in selecting the best sugar canes in order to produce rums with incomparable flavours. Saint James rums find their origins in...

Florence Castarède Encounters

Maison Castarède, a family adventure!

Florence, you are the sixth generation of Castarède, the specialist of excellence. Please tell us its DNA. Castarède is the oldest Armagnac trade house, founded in 1832, still independent....